It’s been a mighty long time since A) anything has been posted on this site, and B) there have been any updates to report. Well, first I’m going to hit you with a post, and then I’ll turn around and report an update. That’s like hitting two stones with one bird.

So, the more cunning of you may have noticed my clever hiding of the word ‘cover’ in the title. Of course it could also refer to being over raged, with a C on the front, or it could mean something beginning with C is over age. Possibly to enter a very (more…)

The Adventurer’s Daughter: Part One

Coming soon! As yet we don’t have a cover, so until then, here’s the blurb:

“Gaeliam ‘Musty’ Fotherington was the greatest Adventurer of his time, perhaps the greatest there ever was. There was never a challenge he couldn’t overcome, no danger too dire, no peril too bleak or adversary too evil. He’d been from one end of the Empire to the other and everywhere in between, climbed unscalable mountains, done battle with monsters most foul and spoken the unspeakable, and that was all before morning tea.

While he had amassed a king’s ransom of ancient crowns and lost swords and priceless stones during (more…)

Serabella by Stuart Kurth

serabellaYou can’t escape the past. But if you’re quick you might be able to outrun it just long enough…

For Drakovic Haverfield, wilful sneak, dice tumbler and confidence trickster, outrunning the past has become his favourite past-time, but this time it’s landed him in a whole stack of trouble. Winning has left him soft, and after playing one hand too many, his past and his enemies have finally come to collect the bill. Drakovic can do no more than hold on to his life as he unwittingly becomes the dice in a deadly game, where there are no winners.

In the ancient city (more…)