Regular Shaped Eyeballs

I have rectangular eyeballs. It’s a product of hyper-localised evolution. No joke, it’s really a thing, look it up. It’s a by-product of staring at a rectangular laptop screen for literally hours on end, for several years.

As such, I’m fine with staring at screens. Actually I’ll probably rue typing that in forty years time, but for now I’m good to go. Stare at a phone, no problem. Sit in the front row, practically underneath the screen at the movies, sure, why not? Watch a Lord of the Rings super marathon and follow it up with Gone With the Wind, bring it to me. You’ll find no qualms (more…)


If you have a desk job, you’ll know that sitting in front of a computer produces a curious distortion in the time/productivity curve. That is, the longer you are sitting before said silicone altar, the less productive it becomes.

For the past couple of weeks, finding time to sit and stare at my own flickering screen of death and degenerative eyesight has been difficult, but in those brief snatches I’ve managed to chew into the edit of the next book. As always, I’m learning as I go. Editing Serabella taught me not to engage in the story, instead to go word by (more…)

Night Missions

In the absence of both funds and gifted marketing agents to promote the spritz out of Serabella, we’ve been forced to improvise. In this case, with the cunningly clandestine application of large posters to the walls of night-time Auckland’s seediest street corners! Thanks to Kode for designing and printing the posters, and thanks to Caleb Murray for filming and joining in on the tactical infiltration.

Didn’t really turn out like a scene from a Clancy novel, more like two muppets fooling about the city, but it was fun nonetheless. Thinking we’d solved the puzzler of how to attach said posters to handy (more…)


Not sure about you, but If I want to buy a book I generally get sucked in by the cover, read the first page, and pick a few pages at complete random. Sometimes I turn my nose up and sniff, secretly thinking I can do much better and why is this trade tat even in print? OR I’m indifferent, OR I’m compelled, and so make a purchase. So far I’ve had about an 80% success rate with this method.

Online it’s a little trickier. I have a Kindle, so if I don’t know the book or author, I get free samples. With (more…)

Early Daze

Serabella has been online for a few weeks now, and is doing pretty well I reckon, for a humble little story written and edited by one guy who has only the vaguest and most tenuous grasp of how to actually go about doing so! To those who gave it a punt and downloaded a copy, thank you! To those who have yet to do so, step to!

I had a thought the other day, about if I line up the different themes of Serabella, how it would make for some pretty grim reading. Won’t spoil it for those who haven’t read it (more…)


Finally went live with the FB page yesterday, so firstly thanks to those who liked it, and also to those lovely souls who bought a book! Much appreciated, and if you want to launch a tirade against me for precious hours of life wasted, then do so, but politely please!

It’s been less of a nightmare getting to this point than I expected. Seems merely presenting content to be purchased is relatively easy. Once again, without Kode’s expert assistance things would’ve been quite different. As it’s the beginning, there will undoubtedly be a few bugs to be worked out, and more content (more…)


stuart kurth 002Having never done it before, but thinking it couldn’t be all that hard, Kode and I set about uploading  Serabella to the Kindle store. Several hours of witless confusion later, and we had not only uploaded it, we’d uploaded two! It seems as though the good people of KDP wanted to make the process as complicated as possible, in an attempt to weed out the muppets from their database. If it wasn’t for Kode, that category would’ve had a new member. Still, we got there in the end. Sort of. Turns out its a good idea to have chapter selections on (more…)

The back story

Coming up with a good idea for a book isn’t particularly difficult. You might see something through a window in a cafe, or have a blast of inspiration while sitting on a train, a la J. K. Rowling, or while watching a movie, enjoying a minor character or a side-plot far more than the main story. The Idea will grow and sprout, and soon you’ve got a fully formed story in your head ready to roll. Unfortunately, that’s where the easy bit stops. Somehow, in the course of that growth process, much of the actual meat of the story becomes curiously (more…)