The lies of locke lamora

Cover - Locke LamoraThe first modern fantasy that really popped my eyes open, and reignited my faith in the genre. Exquisitely plotted, paced and realised, it stands out from the seething maelstrom like a shark amid minnows. And there is nary an elf of dwarf in sight! Epic quest type stories are fantastic, but they’re all a pale shadow to Tolkien, and Lynch has steered away from it completely. Lies reads more like a crime story with a background of fantasy thrown in, and added to with clever dialogue spiced with the odd curse, it’s more like reading a Guy Ritchie movie than fantasy.

There are a (more…)

The back story

Coming up with a good idea for a book isn’t particularly difficult. You might see something through a window in a cafe, or have a blast of inspiration while sitting on a train, a la J. K. Rowling, or while watching a movie, enjoying a minor character or a side-plot far more than the main story. The Idea will grow and sprout, and soon you’ve got a fully formed story in your head ready to roll. Unfortunately, that’s where the easy bit stops. Somehow, in the course of that growth process, much of the actual meat of the story becomes curiously (more…)