It’s been a mighty long time since A) anything has been posted on this site, and B) there have been any updates to report. Well, first I’m going to hit you with a post, and then I’ll turn around and report an update. That’s like hitting two stones with one bird.

So, the more cunning of you may have noticed my clever hiding of the word ‘cover’ in the title. Of course it could also refer to being over raged, with a C on the front, or it could mean something beginning with C is over age. Possibly to enter a very prejudiced nightclub. We’ll never know. Then again, it could mean the age of the cover, which is slightly closer.

What it actually means is that I can now release the brand new, shiny cover for The Adventurer’s Daughter! Thanks to the incredibly talented Natasha at, my story now has imagery. And what an image it is! See:

TAD cover 2000px 72dpi

It invokes all sorts of adventure related topics like snakes and jungles and pirates and mountains and clouds and so on; all of which are in the book with the possible exception of clouds, though they are mentioned.

For years the manuscript has only existed in black and white words on a screen, so to finally associate it with something visual is extremely satisfying, vindicating and other words ending in ‘ing’ that I can’t think of at the moment because I have a cold and am also high on resin fumes. And while Nat was busy putting the finishing touches on it, I sent the book to the gym to tighten up its flabby parts, get a spray-on tan and generally tone it up for the summer beach season. Now it’s fit and lean and fast and well-defined, and with the cover, rather attractive.

It’s been a long journey from the inception of the idea, around 2001, to forgetting about it for a long time, to writing the first draft, 2009, and finally to uploading it to Amazon’s marketplace, 2015, which is this year! I’ve gone through a lot with this, one year thinking it’s the best thing ever and excited to reveal it to the world, to the next hardly touching it and thinking it’s absolute garbage. I write only for myself, but at the same time if you don’t stick your neck out and try, you’ll never do anything worthwhile. This may work, or it may not. Either way, the main thing is to never give up.

At the moment AD is available only on Amazon, so if you have a Kindle or a Kindle App on another device, go here to download it and give it a hoon. And if you’re really cautious, the sample is freeeeee. Of course, all the profits made from sales will go first toward paying rent, and second to getting Part Two edited. So if you get angry that this one only has half the story, then tell all the people about it so I can afford to produce the other half.

And just because it’s so damn awesome, here’s the cover again. Just look at it. A thing o’ beauty.

TAD cover 2000px 72dpi