In other words, I is needing the sleepy times.

We all suffer from certain periods of time distortion, for example you might be sitting on a bus en route to a job interview. Normally that bus ride is the longest, most tedious five hours in existence, even though it only takes 5 minutes. But on the way to that interview, that 5 minutes takes approximately three seconds.

Same goes for the reverse. When you’re on the way to the shop to buy that nice pair of pantaloons you’ve been saving up for, it takes bloody ages. Same goes for sitting at a laptop smashing away at words. 4 hours may sound like a long time when you are, say, hanging upside down suspended by your big toes, but bathed in the electric glow of a computer screen, those same 4 hours can blip by in seconds.

I’ve run through Adventurer’s Daughter so many times I’ve lost count. I began writing it early 2009, and once the draft was finished it’s sort of stayed dormant. Occasionally I’ll give it a once over, adding something here or taking something away, but this time I’ve actually sat down and had a good go at making it semi-readible. It’ll be a ways off yet, considering it has to be read by different eyes than mine, but eventually it’ll see the light of day. I promise.

Below is a hyper realistic rendition of my somnolent self drawing my somnolent self, created on ms paint, most advanced program ever.